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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Welcome Signs

Here are a couple more Welcome Signs to add to my ever growing gallery! These have really taken off and I love seeing them on people's doors.
This first one is exactly like this one I did a couple months back; but this time it was done in Black Vinyl to go against a white door. You can see how they are the same, yet at the same time also different. I love seeing everyone's wreaths as well. All so pretty!

And then here is another one I did recently for my neighbor. This is a great one because it's done in a block font rather than a script font. This font is called Will & Grace. And yes, if you remember, it is the same font that was used for the title of the TV Show Will & Grace. So Fun!

Here's a close up of it as well. I love how the vowels are done in lowercase and italicized. Gives a great contrast don't you think?