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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Labels and Personalizing

When you go to a big event or park do you have a way to keep your stuff different from everyone else? I'm sure we've all done the sharpie trick on more than one occasion but why not make something a little more permanent and use vinyl to mark your stuff?

Now you'll always know which cooler is yours when you are at the park, pool, beach, or where ever. If you're leery about having your last name on something then you can easily do some sort of flower or other fun design as well.

Do you have the same smart phone as everyone else? Why not personalize it with a pretty bunch of flowers...

Or how about your boring ol' water bottle? Everyone else has the same one but now yours is easier to keep track of.

Also, this could be a fun inexpensive teachers gift for the up coming holidays as well. The water bottle is $5.00 at Target and then $3.00 for the vinyl. Now your favorite teacher can have a cute water bottle oh her desk.

Here's another spin on personalization. Need some organizing done in your home? How about bins for each child, they can put their shoes, bags, sports equipment, etc. in their own bins.

Or here's a fun bench with labels for all of those extra things like hats and gloves and even your towels and water toys in the summertime. (It's been snowing here lately so I've been longing for the warm weather again if you can't tell!)

Personalizing can be anything from your name to a cute phrase to a design. Let your creativity go wild.