Hello and Welcome to my website, Words & Wisdom Custom Vinyl Lettering. As you can see I am currently doing this in a Blog format. If things go the way I plan eventually I will work my way up to larger website with more bells and whistles than a blog has to offer. My goal is to create custom vinyl creations for you to enjoy. Whether it is in your own home or for a gift for some one special. Creativity is a passion of mine and I hope to share that with you! Check back often as I hope to have a gallery full of great ideas to share with you in hopes of helping you create that perfect something. Thank you for visiting!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vinyl Family Wall Quote

I think every family room needs a good family quote to go with it. I think this one is the perfect touch!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Customized Vinyl Tiles

Here's a couple fun tiles I made for a customer for Christmas presents. They were so fun and turned out to be a huge hit for her families for Christmas.

You can do almost any quote you want on a tile. It's an easy gift and is also a simple way to display a quote if you don't want to put it directly on your wall or aren't quite sure what room you might want it in. Here's another one I made for a friend for her Birthday. She wanted this quote for a while but didn't know where to put it so I put it on a tile for her so she could find the perfect spot for it.

I've had a few people ask me about how to display your tile. The easiest is to get an easel for it. They can be found at most big craft stores. They are usually labeled as plate racks or plate holders. But they work for tiles just as well as your pretty plates that you like to display.