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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vinyl Family Quote

Yet another great quote about family. This is perfect for an entry way, living room, family room or where ever else you would want it. It's also the perfect touch for a photo collage. And doesn't it look great with the silhouettes?

The word family is done in the font Inspiration and burgundy vinyl. The quote is in the font marker fine point in black vinyl.
Here's a close up!

Pre School Decor

Remember these two projects I did for my friend's preschool?
Polka Dots
Name Crayons
Well, I have done even more cute stuff for her classroom. This first one is for her Birthday Wall. I love the socks! The quote is done in White Vinyl and the font is Girls Are Weird. And then the socks are done in Orange, Blue, Red, Light Blue, Hot Pink, Yellow, Purple and Apple Green Vinyl.

Also, she has a special chair for the Birthday Boy or Girl. Both the VIP and crown are in purple vinyl. The font for VIP is Font Diner Sparkly.

Both are such fun additions to her preschool!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Goof Item for Sale-Free Shipping! **SOLD**

***THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD*** I recently did an order and goofed on the colors. So I have this extra sign that I'm wanting to find a good home for. The colors are Chocolate Brown (Home) and Burgundy (is where our story begins). The dimensions for this sign are as follows. Home is 7.5" tall x 21.5" long. Story Begins is 3.75" tall x 31" long. The quote is meant to be placed on top of the word home. Normally I would sell a sign this size for $21.60 but since I am wanting to find a good home for it I'm selling it for $15.00 and I'll even throw in free shipping! :) There is nothing wrong with the sign I just reversed the colors from what the customer ordered.
If you are interested please email me at wordsandwisdomvinyl@gmail.com
This Item has been sold, but if you want a similar one either in the same colors or different colors to match your own decor email me and we will work something out!:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Girl's Nursery Vinyl Decor

My Husband's cousin gave birth to the cutest little baby girl back in August and this is in her nursery. Usually this quote is "Butterfly Kisses and Ladybug Hugs" but they wanted a dragonfly theme so we switched it up and bit and swapped out Dragonfly for Butterfly. This quote can also say "Sleep tight little one for you are Loved" but was again swapped for "Snug as a bug in a rug." Both ways are really cute! I also have butterflies that match these dragonflies and ladybugs. they are all very cute!!!
This is done in white vinyl (gloss) and the font is called Kayleigh. And then of course it is accented with dragonflies and ladybugs.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wash, Brush, Floss & Flush-Bathroom Vinyl Decor

This is the quote I did for a client recently that inspired me to decorate my own bathroom. The font is Digs My Hart and the vinyl is brown and light blue.
Looks great!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Photo Collage Wall Quote

Here is another wall quote I did for a client. The quote is one I have done before but this time we spruced it up a bit and added the word family above it.

And then here is a close up.
It was done in Black vinyl and the fonts are Black Jack (Family) and Bookman Old Style (quote).

What a great touch to a fun staircase photo collage.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bathroom Vinyl Decor

While working on a bathroom sign for a client I felt the urge to decorate my kids' bathroom with some fun vinyl.
I created these little water splashes and decided that "Splish Splash!" would be the most appropriate saying to match the decor and the fun splashes.
The words are both 6 1/2 inches tall and the first one is 14 1/2 inches long and the 2nd is 16 3/4" inches long. I did the words in Apple Green vinyl and then the splashes were done in light blue. The font is called Curlz. It makes the room so fun now and it looks fun against the ocean shower curtain!

Here's a close up.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boy Rooms Vinyl Quotes

I am so excited to show you these next two projects I just did. They are so fun and cute in their own ways. The first one is one that my own boys were so jealous that it was going to someone else and not going on their own bedroom door. I'll just let the picture do the talking.

How cute is that??? I was so excited to find a Star Wars font. It looks great and you can definitely tell that it gets the point across. So Fun!

Now this next one I just finished putting up in my friend's nursery last night.(hence the not so great pictures because of it being dark out) They are expecting their first baby any day now and this was the finishing touch for their little new little guy's nursery.
They did a horse theme but not necessarily a cowboy themed room. Everything is centered around the wooden horse by the crib that was the new Dad's when he was a child. Anyway, here's the quote:

Can't you just picture a little boy riding a rocking horse and having the time of his life? The quote comes from this Song. I had never heard it before but now that I've read all the words I think it is so cute!

The sign was done in Brown vinyl and the font is called Hoedown. I tweaked it some from the original font. The capital letters aren't normally as tall and skinny. But I think this way looks great!

Here's a closer shot of the quote itself.

Now the nursery is all ready so now that baby needs to hurry up and get here! :)

Welcome Signs

Here are a couple more Welcome Signs to add to my ever growing gallery! These have really taken off and I love seeing them on people's doors.
This first one is exactly like this one I did a couple months back; but this time it was done in Black Vinyl to go against a white door. You can see how they are the same, yet at the same time also different. I love seeing everyone's wreaths as well. All so pretty!

And then here is another one I did recently for my neighbor. This is a great one because it's done in a block font rather than a script font. This font is called Will & Grace. And yes, if you remember, it is the same font that was used for the title of the TV Show Will & Grace. So Fun!

Here's a close up of it as well. I love how the vowels are done in lowercase and italicized. Gives a great contrast don't you think?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Well, I was hoping to get this up earlier this morning but instead I spent all morning in the Dentist's office getting a cavity filled! So here I am now back with a numb left side of my face. Hopefully it will wear off soon because it's getting pretty annoying! :)

Anyway, I am so excited about the response I got for my first official give away since creating my little ol' blog. I thought I would get maybe 20 comments total and that was with everyone posting more than one comment! But no! I had a wonderful 82 comments! Every single one of you that left a comment are so AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the kind words and such they have really touched me! It has been fun doing vinyl and I'm excited to see so many of you that have showed an interest in my blog. I did read every single comment and have gone through and counted up all of the entries. Some of you only commented once but did all three things so I'm still going to count you because it's pretty awesome that you did all three things so I think it's only fair that you get all three chances. So the grand total number of entries was 85!

So without further ado, I'll turn things over to random.org and let them determine the winner in their oh so scientific fashion!

And the Winner is....


Yay Kristi! Congratulations! I'm excited to work with you and see what you come up with! I'm excited!

Now, like I said yesterday, I decided to throw in a couple extra goodies for you all since you have all been so nice to me so I decided that I would do two more drawings! So the 2nd drawing is for $10 in free vinyl from yours truly and that winner is...

YAY Lynsey! Can't wait to see what you come up with...maybe something for that new baby coming?;)
And then finally another drawing. One of my biggest sellers since I started has been Welcome signs so I decided to go ahead and give a Welcome sign away as well. It can be in the font and color of your choice. We'll work to find what fits best with your own personal style and the facade of your home. That winner is...

Congrats Erin! Can't wait to see your new Welcome sign!
If you ladies could please email me at wordsandwisdomvinyl@gmail.com we'll get things all worked out for your order and get things going for you! I can't wait to work with all three of you!
Now, don't fret, those of you that didn't win are all still winner IMO (kind of cheesy I know!) but hey, can't let you all leave empty handed so I'm giving you a little something too! If you did not win one of the three above prizes and you want some vinyl email me and I'll give you a discount. My normal vinyl price is $0.08 per square inch but I'll give all of you a chance to fill an order and the price will be only $0.05 per square inch. So if you are interested in taking advantage of that offer shoot me an email with your order and I'll get going on that for you as well!
Thank You all for participating and I'll definitely have to do another give away again in the near future. My business's one year anniversary is coming up in the middle of November so you might want to check back in then to see if I have something else up my sleeves then. (hint, hint!);)
Congratulations again to the winners!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Only one more day!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the day that I will be announcing the winner of my giveaway!!! So be sure to check back to see if you are the lucky winner! Also if you aren't the winner of the $30 don't fret, I've got a couple other things up my sleeve so you may still be able to get something! :)
If you haven't done so yet, please be sure to get entered into the drawing. You only have a few short hours to do so.
I'm so excited about the response I've gotten! I've been very pleasantly surprised!

Thanks all and Good Luck!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Hello Everyone! This is my first official giveaway since I started doing my vinyl business and I'm so excited!
I've always been someone who loves quotes. It's always fun to go into some one's home and see if they have any sort of quotes whether it be vinyl or not, it helps in some ways to give the person or family some sort of definition as to who they are or what they believe. When I was in High School the big thing to do was to add a quote under your Senior picture in the yearbook. Were the people trying to go for a serious approach? Or were they trying to take the more humorous route? Other times it was more of an inside joke that you may or may not have gotten. I liked to take the more humorous route myself. My senior quote read:
"Remember, always follow your dreams; Unless it's the one when you show up to school naked."
You should have seen the look of horror my mother had on her face after reading that! But it was fun and it still makes me laugh to this day when I think of that quote. Would I put it in my house? No, but it's a fun glimpse of what I was like back then. Oh how I loved Deep Thoughts By Jack Handey. :)
Another quote that has stuck with me from back when I was a teenage is more on the serious side and a great motto for how we should live our lives. I got this from one of my Church Teachers when I was a youth it reads:
"Happiness is not a Destination we arrive at; but a manner of Traveling."
That is a quote I would happily display in my home.

Anyway, back to my giveaway! I have three chances for you to be entered into the drawing. And what is that drawing for you might ask? Well it will be for $30 in FREE VINYL of your choice. So, like I said, there are three chances for you to win.
  1. Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite quote is. If you need some help picking a quote, I have a whole list of quotes that can be found on the left side of my blog. There are different categories breaking them down so you aren't quite so overwhelmed with them all.
  2. Become a follower of my blog over on in the column on the right hand side. Leave a comment about doing so as well.
  3. Tell about this giveaway on your blog linking back to this blog and leave a comment again letting me know that you did this as well.

Be sure to leave a comment for each individual entry so you can be counted. I will be using Random.org to determine who the lucky winner is! The winner will be chosen on Thursday October 1, 2009. So be sure to get your entries in soon and check back for the announcement!

Good luck and I can't wait to read all of your quotes. I'll probably add them to my list after this is over with!


Monday, August 3, 2009

More Preschool Decorations-Crayons

I have done more vinyl for this cute preschool. I made some crayons that are the children's name tag above where they are to hang their bags & coats. They turned out so cute! I'm sure these children will be so excited to see so many fun bright colors at their new school.

These crayons were cut in yellow, blue, green, light blue, hot pink, red, & purple vinyl. The font for their names is just your basic Arial font. It's an easy font for the children to learn how to recognize their name in print.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Preschool Decorations-Polka Dots

This is the cutest room ever! I just did these polka dots for a preschool. They are so fun and bright. Perfect for young ones learning about their ABC's and 123's. The colors are Red, Yellow, Blue, and Apple Green. The perfect primary color combinations. The sizes of the dots are 6", 4" & 2". They are the perfect touch for this new little school or would be really cute in a baby boy's nursery!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Photo Collage Wall Quote

Here is another wall quote I did recently that was put with a photo collage of their kids. It turned out great!

The Font is called Foot light. It was done in black vinyl.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Wall Quotes

Here are a couple samples of some wall quotes I just did recently.

*click on image for larger view*

I did three colors along with the black for the Flower quote. They are Hot Pink, Purple and Apple Green. The purple doesn't show up real well in the picture, but looks really cute in real life. The font is Ma Sexy and then some flower images to go along with the quote.

The laundry sign is done in black vinyl and the font is Black Jack.

Monday, June 22, 2009

No Soliciting & Welcome Signs

Here is another Welcome sign I did for a customer and she also wanted a No Soliciting sign to coordinate with it. Both are done in the font Lavishly Yours. The Welcome Sign is in white and the No Soliciting sign is in black.

This is my own front door. I decided to decorate it as well. It's so bright and cheery! This is a new font I found called Corinthia. It's a very nice and simple yet elegant font. One of my new favorites!

*Be sure to check back in the next few weeks, I'm working on finding all sorts of new images to go along with all of my fonts. I've found birds, flowers, sports themes, swirls, etc. If there is something in particular that you would like to see me add to my image collection feel free to drop me an email at wordsandwisdomvinyl@gmail.com and I'll see if I can find it! I'm also adding more and more colors of vinyl all the time so check out my color selection and again feel free to email me if you would like to see a color that I may not have listed currently.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Believe Block

I just cut this vinyl for a custom order this week. The font is Inspiration and it's in cream vinyl. It's just the right size for a little knick knack shelf.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome Sign

**Click on image to get a closer look**

What better way is there to welcome your guests to your home than a beautiful sign on your front door? These signs are approximately 6 inches tall and 13 inches wide. the perfect size to fit into most 6 panel doors. This one is done in the font "Inspiration" and in cream vinyl. For a sign this size it is only $5.00 (plus shipping).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kids Signs

These are on my children's doors. I also have some more of these that are already made and ready to be sent to you for you to adhere them to what ever you want for your favorite little princess or soccer star. The cost is only $2.50 plus shipping. Both of the images are from a Dingbat font I purchased from Two Peas In a Bucket. The font on the soccer sign is Lounge Bait and is done in the Blue Vinyl. The whole image for the princess sign is from the dingbat font and is done in the pink vinyl.

No Soliciting Sign and Custom Order

This No Soliciting sign was made for a customer recently. Doesn't it fit perfectly in between the lock and door knob? The sign was made with the burgundy vinyl and used the font was AL Afternoon Delight.

I also did the vinyl for this project for the same customer. She proved that it is easy to copy ideas from popular decorating catalogs/websites for well over half the price. The Detergent sign was done in Black vinyl and then the font is Frutiger.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Candy Jar

I made a couple of these for my Children's' Teachers for Christmas gift. They are so cute and are just the right size to hold one package of Hershey's Kisses. The vinyl is black and the font is Curly Coryphaeus. They are approximately 4 inches square and have a metal lid that seals on top. If you are interested I can make these and sell them to you for $10.00.

More Personalized Name Plaques

Tis the season for Weddings! I have been doing a couple orders lately for some recent weddings and such so I had to show the newest installment of these great signs.
The first two were for the same customer. The signs are on a 1x12 inch board that is 2 1/2 feet (30 inches) long. They are rather large, but the size actually looked really good once I was finished with them. The font is called Adorable, the vinyl in brown. The board itself is painted a light cream/antique white and then I used brown paint to give it a weathered look.

Below is a sign I made for a friend who recently got married also. It is a very classy spin on the other personalized signs I have been making lately. The Board is a 1x8 inch board that is 1 1/2 feet (18 inches) wide. It is painted black and the edges are sanded. The font for the last name is done in the Bookman Old Style font (underlined) and then the established is done in the Miss Robertson font. The vinyl is the cream/Almond color.

New Fonts

I have found some new fonts to add to my collection. There are some really fancy script fonts: GE Twill Script, Mahogany Script & Miss Robertson. Other script fonts that are more fun and not as fancy: Black Jack, Kayleigh, Digs My Hart, & Twinkle Star. I have also found more block fonts like Apple Scruffs, Occidental, Lemon Chicken, Roberta & Mr Larry Tate. And then finally a fun font, Font Diner Sparkly. These have already been fun to use and I can't wait to use them some more along with my other fonts that I have already listed.