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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to Apply Your Vinyl

How to Apply your Vinyl
There are three parts to your vinyl:

  • Top Layer = Transfer Tape This is the slightly transparent masking tape like layer that is placed over the top of the vinyl.
  • Middle Layer = Vinyl Lettering. This is the actual lettering that will remain on the wall or board when installation is complete.
  • Bottom Layer = Backing Paper. This is the thick paper that the vinyl is positioned on

Step 1:

  • Make sure your surface is clean. If you are putting your Vinyl on a painted board, make sure the paint is completely dried.
  • Make sure your have a straight line marked for your project. I like to use a laser level, so then you don’t have marks on your walls or board. But a light line from a pencil or chalk line will also work.

Step 2:

  • Unroll your Vinyl. DO NOT SEPARATE THE LAYERS YET (It may need to lay flat in a warm area until it no longer curls.)
  • Lay your vinyl on a table or other smooth surface (so that you can read it).
  • Rub over the entire surface of your vinyl with a flat hard object. I like use a scraper from Pampered Chef used to clean their stone ware. A credit card or other card that is similar will also work well. This will ensure that the vinyl adheres to the transfer tape.

Step 3:

  • Place your Vinyl where you want it on your surface. You may want to mark where the center of your vinyl is to make it easier to place.
  • If placing your vinyl on a wall secure the top of the vinyl with painters tape so it doesn’t move.
  • Peel the backing paper off your vinyl. Do this slowly so you can make sure your vinyl stays attached to the transfer tape and not the backing paper.
  • Lay the Vinyl back on the surface and smooth it out.
  • Use the Credit card or other tool to rub the letters onto your surface. Make sure to rub the edges and smaller pieces to ensure they are adhered to the wall.
  • Slowly remove the transfer take making sure the vinyl stays attached to your surface.
  • Erase any marks you may have made to get a straight line for your project.