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Monday, November 17, 2008

Quotes - Definitions


  • Baby - n.(ba'be) an infant, The youngest member of a family. Adorable, precious cargo, our hearts desire, the object of one's affection, a bundle of joy, a gift from heaven.
  • Believe (be-leve) 1. To put one's trust in 2. To accept on as fact 3. To have faith in
    Giggle 1. A giddy laughter 2. Laughter in a silly of nervous manner 3. Often accompanying secrets among young girls
  • Miracle (mir-e-kel) 1. an event or action unexplained by scientific law 2. an awesome or unimaginable
  • Smile (smil) 1. To move the tips of one's mouth upward to express pleasure or happiness 2. To express pleasure by the features of the face; 3. to laugh silently.